About us
Who we are

Bero Polska is a member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe – the leading green coffee trading and service providing group. As Bero Polska we take care of our polish, central and eastern European clients. We provide our partners with commercial available as well as carefully selected green specialty coffees and microlots. We source and supply also different kinds of instant coffee: powder, agglomerated and freeze-dried products. As a member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe we have almost unlimited access to the best qualities in coffee world, knowledge and experience of experts, from plantation to the roastery. It’s all about coffee.

Bero Polska was established in 1992 from the very beginning on behalf of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. In 1996 the company moved from Warsaw to Gdynia and since then we’re growing together with our customers. Being part of NKG allows us to discover and supply our customers with the best coffee beans they seek. Our decades of experience and passion of our team makes a company we could be proud of.

Our Mission

Our mission is a lasting relationship between producers of green coffee beans and coffee roasters.
Also providing care to producers by joining programs that improve the quality of coffee and the farmers’ standard of living.

Link to NKG Bloom program supporting farmers:

Our Business

Our services focus on the needs and goals of our customers. By controlling the supply chain, we provide coffee they need – from blends, through certified or organic coffees, to unique microlots.


We take care of efficient logistics services and marketing support for contractors. We try to keep them up to date with the events in the coffee world and to be informed not only about prices, but also about innovations and trends.


Our Team
Meet people behind Bero Polska

Each of our employees brings a valuable contribution to support our partners and develop value chain. We are joining a mixture of above-average coffee know-how, many years of experience, passion, involvement in our duties and constant development of our skills.

If you want to get to know us or need our help – don’t hesitate and call us or write an e-mail. 

Michał Ansary

Managing Director

tel.: 58 627 31 60

Mirella Cielek

     Co-Managing Director/         Head of Sales Eastern Europe 

tel.: +49 40 37001 459
mobile: +49 162 7994055

Karolina Fijas- Trzemżalska

Chief Accountant

tel.: 58 627 31 64
mobile: +48 667 619 013

Jerzy Remiszewski


tel.: 58 627 31 69

Maks Mazurkiewicz

Senior Trader

tel.: 58 627 31 65
mobile: +48 665 697 111

Elżbieta Citak-Stosik


tel.: 58 627 31 74
mobile: +48 663 066 111

Martina Cieniewicz


tel.: 58 627 31 71
+48 661 508 911

Iza Widzgowska

Business Administration/ Marketing

tel.: 58 627 31 73

Dorota Dickert

Logistic Manager

tel.: 58 627 31 63
+48 661 539 911

Marcin Krzesiński


tel.: 58 627 31 76
+48 603 182 128

Renata Opólko


tel.: 58 627 31 75
mobile: +48 667 924 111

Paweł Richert

Business Administration

tel.: 58 627 31 67

Paulina Gwarek

Quality Manager

tel.: 58 627 31 72
mobile: +48 663 612 111

Anna Pepłońska


tel.: 58 627 31 68

Our Products

Each zone produces a unique type of coffee. Altitude, soil and specific microclimates  to the variety of flavors.

The better the coffee and the higher it is grown, the harder and more valuable the designated bean.

We would be delighted to work together with you on exclusive qualities.

Green Coffee

  • Arabica

  • Robusta

Soluble Coffee

  • powder

  • freeze dried

  • agglomerated

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Our Trade

We serve network to current market information and analysis. Everyone will find tailored offer, contracts planning and assistance with buying strategy building. We provide price risk and price fixation management and support with sourcing at origin.

In our offer we have coffee from various parts of the world:

  • Africa

  • South America

  • Central America

  • Australia

  • South-East Asia

  • South Asia

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Quality Control

We thoroughly check every coffee and every delivery that passes through our warehouse to make sure its standard meets the guidelines.


We offer shipment of samples of selected qualities and assistance in choosing or creating a blend. The daily quality assessment complies with the principles of the SCA protocol and quality standards.


Thanks to the experience and expertise of our Q-grader, we provide assistance in the selection and evaluation of quality, roasting and blending profiles.

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Our logistics ensures the continuity and timeliness of deliveries, from loading the coffee to the ship in the country of origin, through sea transport, unloading and storage, to delivery in accordance with the contract.


On every step of our business we have support of other companies groups across Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. We visit our local partners regularly to better know and understand the work environment they have.   

As a member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe we have opportunity to work with 50 companies in 28 countries within the group.  

 Everyone at Bero Polska fully identifies with their work and is proud to be part of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

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Contact us

If you are interested in any type of coffee please contact us. We are offering specialty coffees, commodity coffees from arabica and robusta segment and instant coffees. Do not hesitate to contact us for samples, cupping notes and pricing. Our traders are here to advise you and provide you with the information you need.

Availability of each coffee is subject to change. 

Certifications we support